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Welcome to Shop-a-holics Obvious where there is nothing I see that I don't want to own, especially if it's of the vintage persuasion. Shoes, clothes, rhinestone brooches, screwback and clip earrings, hats, gloves, hankies, kitty cats (see, I'm not totally unidimensional), art, 1950s kitchenware, beaded handbags, reticules, purses, floor lamps, table lamps, books (can't forget books), tea sets, fur, painted trays....need I go on?

What has all this gotten me? A full house, a fuller shop, two shops on Etsy, a barn that is now turning into my very own 1-person flea market, a storage room full of earthly delights, and my new blog.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Saturday's Haul. What fun!!!

Check out the molded fruit handle on this candy dish. Resin?

Love this deco cigarette case. outside, blah. inside, pure gold!
A wax candle birthday cake cake topper from the 1950s for a 5-year old! UNLIT! It even has built-in holes for those skinny little colorful candles we had as children.

I listed a set of these Donald Art Co. prints and they were sold within minutes! Lucky me. Two more!

Fab red canister set, or is it cannister?

Slightly blurry Saturn punch bowl with fabulous shaped ladle with big red wooden ball handle


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