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Welcome to Shop-a-holics Obvious where there is nothing I see that I don't want to own, especially if it's of the vintage persuasion. Shoes, clothes, rhinestone brooches, screwback and clip earrings, hats, gloves, hankies, kitty cats (see, I'm not totally unidimensional), art, 1950s kitchenware, beaded handbags, reticules, purses, floor lamps, table lamps, books (can't forget books), tea sets, fur, painted trays....need I go on?

What has all this gotten me? A full house, a fuller shop, two shops on Etsy, a barn that is now turning into my very own 1-person flea market, a storage room full of earthly delights, and my new blog.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Long week and it's only Tuesday! Nip, Eddie and I are packing out Nip's side of the barn and taking it to auction. Half done and already loaded a van and a trailer full. Plus we had wonderful customers today who wanted to buy off the trailer and out of the barn and his shop....just when Nip left, which meant I had to call him every 3 minutes for price quotes. "Hello" changed to "Yes", then to "What?" then to "Whatever you Think." I finally took them to his house where said Van and Trailer were parked and said Person Hisself was there to answer questions.

Other than that, trying to take care of Caliope while she tries to die, mowing the lawn at my house, and clearing away brush at the farm, I've been researching my latest finds: This week it has been a Globe-Wernicke Oak Tickler No. 2 box, and a pair of Rubies Co. Clown shoes! Also delved into Keebler mini cuckoo clocks that used to be give-aways in flour sacks in the 1930s, and now run from about $35 to $125 or so. Save those Cracker Jacks prizes....you never know!

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