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Welcome to Shop-a-holics Obvious where there is nothing I see that I don't want to own, especially if it's of the vintage persuasion. Shoes, clothes, rhinestone brooches, screwback and clip earrings, hats, gloves, hankies, kitty cats (see, I'm not totally unidimensional), art, 1950s kitchenware, beaded handbags, reticules, purses, floor lamps, table lamps, books (can't forget books), tea sets, fur, painted trays....need I go on?

What has all this gotten me? A full house, a fuller shop, two shops on Etsy, a barn that is now turning into my very own 1-person flea market, a storage room full of earthly delights, and my new blog.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

what have I been up to?????

Busy Busy Busy. My barn is almost renovated....well, that's an exaggeration. it now has insulation, walls on the inside, ceiling fans, and a repaired floor. I'm now ready to decide what to do with my giant new space! more storage????? flea market??? weekend rental yard sale space? a clothes closet for my 300+ jackets?

Plus I now have a new office at the farm/shop, and found a fabulous litho by Dean Meeker that now adorns the wall.

Then there's the apple trees....I can't give 'em away fast enough!!! One tree alone has produced at least 10 bushels of apples, and it's still loaded. I've been canning apple pie filling almost daily. Guess what everyone's getting for the holidays this year. (can you spell Apple!) I'm so overwhelmed by apples, i haven't even ventured near the pear tree. ay-yay-yay....

so, if anyone wants some fab vintage finds, apples or pears, come on down!

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